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Yana, he wild girl lives in the woods (fine art nude by Daniel Bauer) beautiful woman sleeps on the forest floor between leaves (fine art nude by Daniel Bauer) The wild child: natural girl Yana (fine art nude by Daniel Bauer)
Yana, he wild girl lives in the woods (fine art nude by Daniel Bauer)

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The Wild Child

The wild girl lives in the woods, her untamed mane of long black hair falls disheveled on her narrow shoulders. From big dark eyes she looks directly at the intruder but doesn't reveal if her look only expresses cautious curiosity or sadness about the violation of her natural territory and her gracefully delicate body doesn't disclose whether she is a shy girl whose feminine curves already and too early let her seem to be a desirable woman...

The idea for these fine art nude outdoor photographs came to me during a drive through the autumn woods of Tuscany on the way to Siena. The soft light coming through the trees on the narrow path in the woods was ideal for nude art photos in available light. Yana undressed and became the seductively sensual, all natural woman, who lives alone with no clothes and untamed in the forest and lays down between the leaves on the ground to sleep until a casual visitor discovers her charms. Only the blue fingernails reflect a contact to civilization. She probably secretly stole the nail polish one night...

Three romantic wild outdoor art nudes, which are dear to my heart...