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artistic nude by Daniel Bauer: Yana in the wardrobe Daniel Bauer art photography, girl in a wardrobe Contemporary nude art photography, Yana in the wardrobe modern fine art photography: woman in wardrobe artistic nude by Daniel Bauer Yana in the wardrobe
artistic nude by Daniel Bauer: Yana in the wardrobe

Contemporary nude art
Yana in the wardrobe

How can one forget such a beautiful girl in the wardrobe? In any case, a happy surprise!

The huge white wardrobe in the hotel in Venice inspired me to some extraordinary artistic nudes: Art for art, photography for photography.

Speaking of art and fine art nude photography: When in some of these art photos you can see really everything of my model Yana: does this make the pictures less beautiful, less artistic?

I claim for myself the freedom of art! When I photograph women, then with skin and hair, just as they are. I do not think that there are parts in a human that one can show in an artistic nude and others that need to be hidden, with unnatural poses, artificially draped cloths and what else you see when photographers try to be considered as "decent".

Life is beautiful and full of sensual pleasures and with my artistic, strong and lustful photos, I reject the mundane and absurd concepts that obscure the vision of people with double standards, to discourage them from contact with reality.

I'd rather be considered as indecent. Judge for yourself!