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Workshop Week 2012

1st photographers meeeting in Tuscany/Italy

Interactive Art photo workshop nudes and lingerie fashion


Organized by:
Daniel Bauer, professional photographer with 30 years experience in artistic nude and lingerie photography.
Yana, professional nude and lingerie model.

Workshop with days of exchange of know-how and learning of artistic nude and lingerie fashion photography. We offer a space to apply your knowledge and learn together with other aficionados of art photography. Daniel Bauer puts his 30 years of experience in the photographic art of the nude into your hands with all the hints you need for sensual and unique photographs. Moreover, Yana, together with two beautiful models, will be available so that you can put into practice what you have learnt and take home really phantastic pictures.

We create a meeting in which your love for photography is the main thing, we awake your creativity, you'll meet people with similar interests and furthermore you'll be on a all inclusive holiday in the Italian paradise Tuscany. Sun, sea, beach and excellent locations we have prepared for you to learn and take your pictures without having to worry about anything, we take care of everything!

As if this were not enough, Daniel Bauer will guide you closely and give you all hints for images full of sensuality and eroticism. How to deal with a model in photo sessions? What to do to achieve the most sensual poses? What tools to use to guarantee you the pictures you dream about? Using natural light, flash, contrast, composition, development of your artistic approach and a night shoot to stay stunned.

You'll also have the professional model Yana and two beautiful models that not only will pose and help you with your ideas, but also will give you advice and experiences from the other side of the camera. In this workshop the interaction between photographers and models for the first time will be part of the learning.

As a result we guarantee that you will return home with enhanced knowledge about photography and the ability to realize your own productions. As we are confident that the results will be optimal, we'll select the best photographs from the workshop and you will receive them in a printed book to help you remember your experience.

What more to say? We have everything ready for you to be part of a small exclusive group and to participate this spring in the first photographers meeting with interactive workshops about artistic nude photography and lingerie fashion.

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All workshops May 2012 fully booked.

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