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The de-formation as a model

Written By: daniel - Jun•19•2012


Yana Bauer models for artistic nudes

Yana Bauer models for artistic nudes

There are facilities in which young women are paying to learn how to become a model. Agencies, photo studios or specialised schools that offer courses in which they impart knowledge in various fields to learn to pose in front of the camera or on the catwalk. Advice on appearance and training can be offered with the ambition to let the new faces of the season enter in the world of modeling. Self make-up, body posture, posing… and at the end of the course a small catwalk. That’s how the machine works for women, who, in the ardent desire to become a top model, place themselves on the mercy of former models, photographers and others who ask for money for these services and in return sow the hope of success for a few months.

Everything has its pros and cons. On a professional level some reputable agencies may also provide some training for their models, but certainly not for a fee. So, how important is it for a girl who wants to become a model to attend a course? In order to pose in front of a camera, it needs no prior knowledge, but rather an easy-going attitude, authenticity and individual expressiveness. The allure of a female model lies in its personal nature. Women are not all alike, and each individual has its charm, its own authentic beauty. If all the models would take part in such courses, all had exactly the same expression and used the same poses. Apart from that, to this day we do not know one single top-model who began her career with a modeling course…

The Photo Art Project, “The Nude Revolution”, a creation of professional photographer Daniel Bauer and his partner, the model Yana Bauer, works the other way around. While others deal to train women to become models, the artists couple are simply looking for women, who neither have nor want such a “training”, but rather prefer to experience directly and in practice how it is to act as a model. They provide the space that allows them to express their femininity and sensuality, with their own means. A normal learning process, in which the main character of the photo session embodies the role of the model, and where the results are optimal precisely because of the lack of experience. This is the experience that this photo-art-project offers for women from 18 and older who want to pose for artistic nude and lingerie photos.

Women who believe in their personal creativity, who want to explore their erotic and sensual sides and give it a try in front of the camera, or who want to experience a professional nude or lingerie photo shooting with the touch of the extraordinary and unusual, can send two photos (face and figure, no need to be professional) to the following e-mail: yanamodel.casting @ or daniel @, with the remark Casting Barcelona 2012

You can be a model, too!

More information here: casting call for female models

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